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Engineering & Custom Manufacturing

Mill-Rite is a leading close tolerance custom manufacturer of mounting brackets and specialty products for 
use with valves, actuators, limit switches and many more items used in the valve industry.

Our approach to single source manufacturing provides full cycle production services from engineering support 
for individual components to the finishing and assembly of final products.

Our entire business is designed to accommodate customers’ needs for high quality and quick turnaround. Mill-Rite excels with highly skilled people, rigorous processes, and precision technology.

We work hard to make doing business with Mill-Rite easy, reliable and totally pleasing.

Customer Service

First and foremost, we are customer-satisfaction fanatics. We work hard to continuously earn the confidence 
and trust of each customer throughout every step of an order.

Our pledge: 100% customer satisfaction. If you’re not satisfied, we make it right.


Material Sourcing

Mill-Rite custom manufactures premium quality parts from all types of ferrous and non-ferrous alloys; in bar, 
tubing, and plate. We primarily manufacture our products from all grades of stainless and carbon steel.

Our material sourcing is performed to a rigorous set of approval standards.


Powder Coating

Mill-Rite’s in-house powder coating provides outstanding benefits over conventional wet painting.
Powder coating produces a hard, durable finish that is highly resistant to heat, corrosion, impact, and abrasion — for longer life. Our powder coating process is Environmentally Friendly, using no solvents, and does not create hazardous or toxic waste.

Mill-Rite has the advanced equipment, rigorous processes, and skilled people necessary to produce a superior finished product.


Production Planning

Mill-Rite is set up to produce premier quality items based on customer specifications, in the fastest and most efficient way, and at the best possible price.

Good communication with our customers ensures an understanding of each specific need and expectation. 
We get the specifications right. We oversee the details to assure quality, and to ensure product delivery 
in a timely manner


Custom Machining

Mill-Rite utilizes skilled craftsmen and advanced integrated CNC machining and turning equipment for precise quality and efficient speed. Our manufacturing operations include; milling, turning, drilling, boring, welding, broaching and tapping. All are performed to tight tolerances within our facility located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Our integrated CNC equipment ensures accurate, high-quality, repeatable parts. This allows for an efficient process resulting in timely product delivery.


Quality Assurance

At Mill-Rite, premier quality comes first. Our diligent QA Team executes rigorous pre-production and production inspections that ensure the quality and reliability of every part we make. Completed units are inspected to ensure they meet every specified requirement.

Product you receive from Mill-Rite is ready to go in line immediately and perform reliably.


CAD Services

Our advanced engineering department and CAD capabilities enable Mill-Rite to manufacture custom parts based off of all Industry Standard drawings and designs. We utilize this information to aid in the design of your custom mounting kit.

With the use of Solidworks, Mill-Rite is able to see your product before we produce it. This ensures an interference-free mounting kit.


Finishing & Assembly

As the One Stop Source, Mill-Rite excels at providing fully completed custom parts.

In complement to our engineering and CNC machining departments, skilled Mill-Rite craftsmen handle all aspects of the manufacturing of our products, including; saw cutting, welding, fabrication, finishing, and assembly.

Our fully integrated services ensure high quality, save time, and reduce cost.


Packaging & Shipping

Packaging and shipping is another area in which we excel at catering to our customer’s needs.

We make identifying our product easy for our customers. Each kit is packaged and labeled individually. 
All of our kits go through final inspection before shipping — to ensure the kit you receive is ready to 
go in line when it reaches your hand.